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Troubleshooting #SCOM Agent – High CPU Load for System Center Management Service Host Process

System Center Management Service in TaskMgr

Recently we noticed an unusual high CPU load on one Domain Controller. – The SCOM Agent was occupying nearly all resources. – This short blog post shows how to troubleshoot and fix issues like this. Problem High CPU load on one Domain Controller. – Taskmanager exposed that  System Center Management Service Host Process alternating with

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SCOM Troubleshooting: SQL Monitoring failed – Error after installing SCOM MP 7.0.15 for MS SQL – By Ruben Zimmermann

In this troubleshooting tip, Ruben talks about fixing the error you might encounter after you install the Management Pack for SQL version 7.0.15. Introduction After we updated the MS SQL Management Pack to 7.0.15 several servers threw alerts that monitoring isn’t working any more. The error message stated that a WMI query did not return

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