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SCOM Troubleshooting: SQL Monitoring failed – Error after installing SCOM MP 7.0.15 for MS SQL – By Ruben Zimmermann

In this troubleshooting tip, Ruben talks about fixing the error you might encounter after you install the Management Pack for SQL version 7.0.15. Introduction After we updated the MS SQL Management Pack to 7.0.15 several servers threw alerts that monitoring isn’t working any more. The error message stated that a WMI query did not return

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Automate SQL Express Instance removal from SCOM with PowerShell – Ruben Zimmermann

Ruben is back again with another Powershell banger! This time he presents you a Powershell script that will automatically detect and remove the SQL Express Instances from SCOM monitoring and save you from unnecessary overhead of removing them manually! Introduction SQL Express Databases are a widely used storage for settings in applications or as data

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