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SCOM 2012 R2 to 1801 Side-by-Side Migration : The Powershell Way! – By Ruben Zimmermann

Ruben is back with another awesome blog post, and I have no doubt this one is going to help a lot of people! We all know the hassles of migrating your SCOM from one version to another, and it involves a lot of manual efforts. And especially so when you choose the side-by-side upgrade path.

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Authoring PowerShell SCOM Console Tasks in XML – Ruben Zimmermann

Summary: This post describes how to create PowerShell SCOM Console Tasks in XML along three examples. Introduction: Console Tasks are executed on the SCOM Management Server. Three examples show how to create them using Visual Studio. Task 1: Displaying a Management Server’s Last-Boot-Time [DisplayLastBootTime] Executes a PowerShell script which displays the result in a MessageBox

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Guest Blog – Authoring a PowerShell Agent Task in XML – By Ruben Zimmermann

It is my absolute pleasure to announce this guest blog today. My good friend Ruben has come up with a fantastic community MP that is going to make all of our lives a lot easier πŸ™‚ I will let him talk about it himself. All yours, Ruben! – Authoring a PowerShell Agent Task in XML

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