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AzS HCI HandsOn – Part 5 – VM Provisioning in Azure Stack HCI from Azure Portal using MSLabs

Being able to provision VMs through the public Azure portal has been an eagerly awaited feature amongst the AzS HCI community and finally it is here! And of course, I could not pass off the opportunity to try it myself ASAP! The official Msft documentation is here, and feel free to follow that, but honestly

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My Experience with SCOMathon 2020

Recently, I was fortunate enough to co-host the rather historic SCOM conference – SCOMathon 2020! As evident by the name, it was indeed what it claims to be – A SCOM marathon! 16 straight hours of awesome SCOM content. A dream come true for any and all SCOMers. Being a SCOM lover myself, I got

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SCOM 2019 vs Azure Monitor: Which one to choose?

Having worked with both SCOM and Azure Monitor, recently I was asked to compare them both and suggest the right choice. First off, I have a disclaimer to make – Azure Monitor is great, but it can not replace SCOM entirely, not just yet. SCOM 2019 was recently released and it came loaded with some

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