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SCOM Event Based Monitoring – Part 2 – Rules

In the last post we discussed about event based monitoring options SCOM  provides with Monitors. You can find it here: SCOM Event Based Monitoring – Part 1 – Monitors In this post we are going to discuss the event based monitoring options using SCOM Rules. Basically the highlighted options in the image below: As we

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SCOM Event Based Monitoring – Part 1 – Monitors

In this post I’m discussing about the possibilities SCOM provides with event detection monitoring using monitors. I’ve written a similar blog for creating services, which you can see here: SCOM BASIC SERVICE MONITOR VS. WINDOWS SERVICE TEMPLATE Alright, so just go to Authoring -> Expand Management Pack Objects -> Monitors -> Create a Monitor ->

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SCOM Basic Service Monitor Vs. Windows Service Template

Every now and then I’ve seen questions regarding this on the Technet forums. The most usual question is “A service XXX failure alert is being generated by a server where this service isn’t even present! What’s going on?” The Basic Service Monitor: This is a simple monitor that simply puts an instance of the monitor

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