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Dell DC Products, Solutions and Services – CI and HCI

In this series we are discussing the different products, solutions and services Dell offers for datacenters. In this one, we are going to talk about the converged (CI) and HCI Hyperconverged Infrastructure solutions. Traditional Datacenter With traditional infrastructure, the best option from each category of component is selected and possibly purchased independently of every other

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Azure Stack HCI Learning Path – Pilot

Recently I made a career switch and with that, here I am back to learning the alphabets! I mainly come from a software/application background and the new role I’ve landed myself into requires of me not only the application knowledge but also the relevant hardware understanding. What that means for me is going back to

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Azure Stack Learning Path – Part 4 – Clusters

When you deploy Azure Stack HCI, you deploy it in the form of a cluster, with multiple nodes participating. A cluster is basically a group of otherwise independent servers (nodes) that are interconnected to work with each other to provide features like scalability, high availability, load balancing, etc. and many more. An HCI cluster collects

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