AzS HCI HandsOn Lab – Part 4 – Installing a Windows OS on an AzS HCI VM

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Installing an OS on the Azure Stack HCI VM we created is exactly the same as installing an OS on any of your on-prem Hyper-V VMs.

As you can see, if you try to connect to the VM now, it gives the following error.

This is of course expected, since we do not have any OS installed on it yet, and for this VM I actually did not attach an ISO on startup, so it is now detecting an boot image. Its pretty easy to fix that though.

Make sure to turn the VM off since some configuration changes can’t be applied if the VM is powered on.

Although there are some settings available in WAC, I’d recommend making the changes from Hyper-V/Failover Cluster Manager anyway as sometimes WAC commands do not work.

To attach another disk to this VM where we can boot the ISO from, all you need to do is head over to Failover Cluster Manager > Roles > virtualmachine3 > properties > SCSCI controller > DVD Drive and browse to the directory where you’ve stored your ISO.

Once you’ve done that and saved changes, you’ll see that a new disk has appeared under Settings for this VM.

Now that we have the boot image attached, let’s try to connect again. Now it should show that on a DVD, OS is loaded.

To boot from the DVD, navigate to Actions menu on the top and send a Ctrl+Alt+Delete to the server. Then, it should present to you the ISO file, just go ahead and select that.

Once selected, now installing the OS is the standard process.

Choose the language settings.

Select the OS type (Core or Desktop GUI experience)

Select the volume you want to store the OS on.

And that’s it. It should now start installing the OS.

Once done, now we can log in to this VM.

With that, we have finally installed an OS on our VM and now it is time to do more actual AzS HCI things! Let’s now see what we can do with this VM from the Azure portal using Azure Arc capabilities. Stay tuned!

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