My Experience with SCOMathon 2020

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Recently, I was fortunate enough to co-host the rather historic SCOM conference – SCOMathon 2020!

As evident by the name, it was indeed what it claims to be – A SCOM marathon! 16 straight hours of awesome SCOM content. A dream come true for any and all SCOMers. Being a SCOM lover myself, I got to enjoy the conference thoroughly – both as a host as well as an attendee. Was I on for the whole 16 hours? You bet I was! 😉

And so were a lot of others. The event saw well over 1400 registrations and a consistent attendee count of around 170+ going as far up as 300 at any given time throughout it’s duration. Some woke up super early, some stayed up super late. As an organizer, I appreciate each and every one who attended this event and also helped us raise around $6.5k for the “Doctors without Borders” charity fighting the COVID pandemic all over the world.

I personally had a blast throughout the day, but to avoid the risk of being biased, I reached out to some of the attendees and hear what they thought about the conference. Here are some of them:

“I really enjoyed attending scomathon2020. The sessions were an insight in to how monitoring is ever evolving and how the role of monitoring may change in response to the covid 19 pandemic. Great speakers and a great format given the times. Looking forward to scomathon 2021” – Nick Jennet

“I loved it honestly. There was so much content to choose from so I could dip in and out for those that I really wanted to catch. For me especially, I really enjoyed seeing expert tips on authoring and tips for the day to day side of SCOM. I’m not a consultant so the implementation sessions, although they were great to see some tips on how to make my environment more effective, weren’t so relevant for me. I loved the interaction in the slack channels too, that for me was amazing compared to your standard webinar because you were able to speak to and query the experts, it really changed the experience for the better.It’s awesome to see a healthy SCOM community too, I’ve always had it in the back of my mind that we were a dying breed :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:
-Joseph Fenly

“It was really an amazing experience to meet all SCOM expert in one forum. I got my queries answered instantly and simple.  Love to have more like this atleast twice a year. :)” – Swaroop

“Most valuable live event I’ve been to, thanks for bringing the SCOM family together! <3” – Ørjan Landgraff Larsen 

“The SCOMathon was awesome. A lot was learned and while there are aspects of SCOM that we do not leverage (APM\Linux), knowing more about it is a good thing. Between some of the sessions and the conversations in the Slack channels, I actually changed some of my 2019 migration plans. Looking forward to the recordings of the sessions I missed because of sleep” – Steven Peck

Cool! I’m sure there will be more details coming in from the 3 sponsors of the event – SquaredUp, Cookdown and NiCE, so keep an eye out on their social. Also follow SCOMathon to stay updated on the news and content including the speaker slides and recordings from the conference.

Thanks again if you’re from the ones that attended the event, and I hope you join us again alongside the others who missed it this time!


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