Troubleshooting #SCOM Agent – High CPU Load for System Center Management Service Host Process

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Recently we noticed an unusual high CPU load on one Domain Controller. – The SCOM Agent was occupying nearly all resources. – This short blog post shows how to troubleshoot and fix issues like this.


High CPU load on one Domain Controller. – Taskmanager exposed that  System Center Management Service Host Process alternating with MonitoringHost.exe took nearly all.

System Center Management Service in TaskMgr


Start up the good ol’ SCOM console, within the Monitoring section beneath the Operations Manager / Agent Details folder there is a view called Agents by Version.

There, search for the machine and hit on Show Failed rules and Monitors for this Health Service

Console OM AgentsByVersion

A task now collects the information in the background. This can take a few minutes.

In the Task Output Window hundreds of Workload Ids with the type of Microsoft.Windows.Server.DNS.2012R2.Monitor.DNSSEC.NameResolutionqueries appeared.

Details about failing rules


After checking the details of the failing Monitor we disabled it. No direct benefit of this particular alert was identified.

Within the Authoring section under Management Pack Objects, Monitors, search for the monitor name and disable it for the class. – Remember to save change the setting in a dedicated Override Management Pack and not the default MP!

Disabling unrequired Monitor

After waiting 5 minutes re-running the Show Failed rules and Monitors for this Health Service did not show any error more.

No more failing workflows

The CPU load on that server returned to normal.


To be honest, the steps above are a work-around. – As this particular monitor did not bring any value, a simply disabling was the best solution.

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