SCOM 2019 vs Azure Monitor: Which one to choose?

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Having worked with both SCOM and Azure Monitor, recently I was asked to compare them both and suggest the right choice. First off, I have a disclaimer to make – Azure Monitor is great, but it can not replace SCOM entirely, not just yet.

SCOM 2019 was recently released and it came loaded with some great new features. Read more about it here. What I especially like is the new capabilities of it to monitor Azure resources. It now has insights more than ever before into the cloud. And with the ever rising numbers of cloud migrations or new cloud deployments, Azure Monitor’s popularity and importance keeps getting higher.

However, I believe these two tools have their own “personality” if you will, and work the best with each other. Here’s what I have to say about this in more details:

Defining Your Enterprise Monitoring Strategy: Close the Gaps with SCOM 2019 and Azure Monitor


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