Updated! Database Query Result Monitoring MP

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The company that I am working for Savision always looking for an opportunity to contribute to the community; therefore, I found time at Savision to work on the old OleDB query monitoring project. Now I am happy to announce that I fixed bugs and add more features, here is a list of key features:

  • Easy Authoring template to create and delete queries.
  • Support for SQL Authentication.
  • Dedicated views in SCOM console.
  • Historical data collection.
  • Monitor using consecutive samples condition and schedule filter.
  • Two or three monitoring states (healthy/warning/critical).
  • Recalculate state on-demand.
  • Grouping of multiple queries.

You are welcome to download it directly from the Savision website.

1 comments on “Updated! Database Query Result Monitoring MP”

  1. Hi uretzky,
    I am after your Database Query Result Monitoring MP for SCOM 2019 and above. I went to Savision site and the have removed it since Martello took over. Do you have a copy of the MP that you can pass over to me please.


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