Autogrowth on SCOM Operational DB?

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This is another of the hot topics I find with differences in opinion among the experts.

The other one we discussed was Windows Agents and Failover – Debunking the Myth!

Should you enable autogrowth on SCOM Operational Database?

I did some some research online and consulted some of the best SCOM experts I know and put together an article that explains why you would NOT want to autogrow your SCOM DB.

The short version is:

DO NOT autogrow your SCOM Operational DB, unless you absolutely need to. Autogrowing DB comes with its own set of disadvantages and might affect the performance of the DB.

So, choose the size of your DB very carefully while you are designing your Management Group!

The longer and more detailed version is here:

Should You Enable Autogrowth on SCOM Operations Database?


PS. Special thanks to Stoyan Chalakov and “SCOM Bob” Cornelissen for reviewing the article and suggesting edits! 🙂

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