#Go2ExpertsLiveIL (Implement an idea in less than a day)

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Have you ever woken up in the morning with an idea that you thought would take a long time to implement? If you have, I hope I can convince you to try Microsoft Azure serverless products which will save you a lot of time.  Let me show you an example.


The idea is a campaign called #Go2ExpertsLiveIL. Tweet it and you will automatically receive a reply with a link to a personal website invitation. To implement it, I used Microsoft Azure serverless products such as:

  • Logic Apps – An orchestration service. I use it for subscribing to twitter posts with the hashtag #Go2ExpertsLiveIL. These tweets are then passed on to the Azure Functions.
  • Azure Functions – A Compute service, I use it to parse, manipulate data, and tweet the reply message.
  • Azure Web Service – A web hosting service, I use it to host the personal invitation site.

Additional Azure serverless products are:

Using those tools and services, I saved a lot of time and unnecessary effort. The past projects just like this one could have taken at least several days or weeks. Now with Azure serverless products, it took me less than a day to complete.

If you want to hear more about it, come to Experts Live Israel 2018 Tel Aviv, on June 21st. It is a community conference with a focus on Microsoft cloud, data center, and workplace management.

Don’t worry, if you can not come to Experts Live Israel I will write and explain how I did it shortly after the conference.

Besides me, you could meet well-known experts such as Bob Cornelissen, Avihai Hajaj, Idan Yona, Yury Kissin and Yaniv Shmulevich

I hope you are already preparing for #Go2ExpertsLiveIL:-)

See you soon…




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