Why this computer still exists in the SCOM console?

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 Why this computer still exists in the SCOM console? I swear that I deleted it!

If you are an SCOM administrator you probably heard this before, if not trust me you will.

This is a known issue at SCOM. It is a very mysterious one. I call it the “orphaned object”: It is an object that you try to delete but for some reason it won’t.

There are many articles written about this. Most of them explain how to remove the “orphaned object” by an SQL query. Although I don’t agree with the solution, I still think you should get to know it.

There is another great solution by Jan Van Meirvenne. Here is a great post that he wrote that explains it– How stuff is discovered by Operations Manager, and how you can remove it. The blog contains a good explanation and a PowerShell script solution.


Before you click on the link. I will share a very simple way to figure out why the object still exists:

  1. Open SCOM Console
  2. Left click on the “orphaned object”, choose Operations Manager Shell option.
  3. Wait the shell open and type the command $context.GetDiscoverySources(). The result is a list of discovery sources.
  4. Next step depends on source type property. There are three different source types.
  • User – ex. manually added a computer.
    • Delete the agent from SCOM
  • Connector – ex. SCVMM Connector.
    • Type a command Get-SCOMConnector -Id [ConnectorId]
  • Workflow – All other discoveries.
    • Type a command Get-SCOMDiscovery -Id [WorkflowId]



Now, for more details, click here .

Many thanks to Jan Van Meirvenne for sharing his experience and knowledge.

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